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Exhibit Chronology featuring the art of  Bruce A. Aiken


1978    Exhibit, one man show, Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Center

1979    Exhibit, one man show, Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Center

1981    Exhibit, two person show with Margaret Aiken, mother.

            El Tovar Hotel and GRCA visitor center

1982    Exhibit, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ

1982    Touring Exhibit, “Art in Public Places”, Arizona Commission on the Arts, 16


1982    Exhibit, Barbara Gurwitz Gallery, Tubac, AZ

1982    Group Exhibit, “George Phippen Invitational Western Memorial Art Show”, Prescott, AZ

1982    Exhibit, one man show, The Franklin Gallery of Fine Arts, Flagstaff, AZ


1983    Group Exhibit, “Landscape: 4 Views”, Mesa Cultural Gallery, Mesa, AZ

1983    Group Exhibit, “George Phippen Memorial Invitation Western Art Show”, Prescott, AZ

1983    Exhibit/Lecture at Spartanburg Day School, Spartanburg, SC


1984    Exhibit with Creekside Galleries, Sedona AZ

1984-85    Exhibit with Galleria del Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Guanaguato, Mexico


1985    Exhibit, “Grand Canyon Perspectives”, Denver Museum of Natural HistoryFeatured artists (selected): Bruce Aiken, Louis Aiken, Edgar Payne, Eric Sloan, Thomas Moran, Merrill Mahaffey, Wilson Hurley, Curt Walters, and Gunnar Widforss

1985    IMAX Theatre Presentation, Denver CO.  “Grand Canyon- Hidden Perspectives”

1985    Exhibit, one man show, Creekside Galleries, Sedona AZ


1986, 87, 88       Commissioned by national Aeronautics and Space Administration, Art Program, “The Artist and the Space Shuttle”, created ten paintings for their permanent collection.

1986-7    Exhibit with Troy’s Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

1987    Exhibit, “Capturing the Canyon, Artists and the Grand Canyon” Mesa Southwest Museum, Mesa AZ  Featured artists (selected): Bruce Aiken, Louis Aiken, Gustave Baumann, Oscar Berninghaus, Carl Oscar Borg, Earl Carpenter, Irving Couse, Wilson Hurley, Thomas Moran, Edgar Payne, Hanson Puthuff, Eric Sloane, Gunnar Widforss

1987    Touring Exhibit, Spaceport USA, “The Artist and the Space Shuttle” John F. Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida

1987    Exhibit with Ed Hill Gallery, El Paso, TX

1987    Group Exhibit, “Small Masterpieces Show”, Creekside Galleries, Sedona, AZ


1988-89   Exhibit with Gallery Americana, Carmel, CA

1988    Exhibit, “Artists from the American West” Gifu, Japan, San Marino Company

1988-89   Exhibit, Mazatlan Art Gallery, Matzatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

1988-89   Exhibit, Galleria del Arco, Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

1988    Group Exhibit, “Fifth Anniversary Show”, Creekside Galleries, Sedona, AZ

1989    Group Exhibit, “Visions of Flight”, A Retrospective from the NASA Art Collection, Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition at Mesa Southwest Museum, January, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL, February, The Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, New York, NY, May, plus 12 other museums. Participating artists (selected): Bruce Aiken, Wilson Hurley, Robert McCall, Dan Namingha, Robert Raushenberg, Norman Rockwell, Jamie Wyeth

1989    Exhibit, two man show, Creekside Galleries, Sedona, AZ


1990    Exhibit, J.N. Bartfield Galleries, New York, NY


1991    Artist in Residence, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO


1992    Exhibit, one man show, Creekside Galleries, Sedona, AZ

1992    Group Exhibit, Invitational “Arizona College Art Faculty” Northern Arizona Art Museum, Flagstaff, AZ


1993    Meet the Artist, “International Journalists meet Bruce Aiken, Painter of the Grand Canyon”, El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon, AZ

1993    Exhibit, one man show, “Grand Visions”, Yavapai Museum and Observation Center, Grand Canyon Nat. Park, AZ


1994    Exhibit, “Brilliant Landscapes – Turbulent Skies: Art of the Grand Canyon”, Museum of Northern Arizona Flagstaff,AZ.  Participating artists (selected): Bruce Aiken, Louis Akin, Edward Potthast, Wilson Hurley, James Swinnerton, Gunnar Widforss, Earl Carpenter, Thomas Moran, Curt Walters

1994    Exhibit, one man show, “For Those Who Have Eyes”, Mesa Southwest Museum,Mesa, AZ


1995    Exhibit, one man show, Creekside Galleries, Sedona AZ


1997, 98, 99    Exhibit, one man show, El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon, AZ


1999   Group Exhibit, “Humor in Native Landscape”, Desert Caballeros Museum,

           Wickenburg, AZ


2000   Group Exhibit, a Century of Grand Canyon Art, Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon AZ


2001   Group Exhibit, Forbes Gallery, New York, New York

2001   Group Exhibit, Forbes Gallery, Burlingame, California


2002   Colorado Mountain Club – “Where The Mountains Meet The Sky”, group exhibit 

2002-03   Exhibit, one man show, “Grand Visions” retrospective, Kolb Studio, Grand 

           Canyon, AZ

2003   Group Exhibit, “Grand Canyon”, The Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ

2003-05   Continuing exhibit at El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ


2005   Group Exhibit, “The Permanent Collection, Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon, AZ


2006    “Bruce Aiken Fine Art” Studio opening, Flagstaff AZ – June

2006   Tucson Art Museum – group exhibit “Grand Canyon – From Dream to Icon”   

            participating artists (selected) Thos. Moran, Ed Mell, P.S. Nisbett,  - etc


2007  Desert Caballeros Museum – Wickenburg AZ – group exhibit, “Grand Canyon”

2007-08  Continuing exhibit at El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

2008 – Permanent Collection  - Museum Of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff AZ


2009   Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX – group exhibit “Grand Canyon –

           From Dream To Icon”   

2009 – Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff AZ  - group exhibit – “Celebrate The