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 Bruce A. Aiken 




1976    The Arizona Republic, Outdoors, Ben Avery Column, article on Bruce and Hattie Babbit and visiting the Aiken’s at Roaring       Springs, June 17th

1976    Feature Article, “Life at the Bottom”, The Miami-Herald Sunday magazine, August 29th


1977    Appeared on “To Tell the Truth” as man who lived at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, with Joe Garagiola, host


1980    Feature article, “An Idyllic Low Life”, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 17th


1981    Feature article in Arizona Highways magazine, April

1981    Coverage of two-person exhibit, “Bruce Aiken and Margaret Davis Aiken at the Grand Canyon”  Appeared in The Williams News, Williams, AZ, The Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff, AZ, and the Northlander Newspaper, August

1981    Feature article in Sunday Arizona Republic, “Life in Grand Canyon’s Floor Appeals to Artist’s Family” E.J. Montini, feature writer, July

1981    Feature article, The Chicago Tribune, Bill McClellan, freelance writer


1982    Feature on Disney Channel, “Family Life in the Grand Canyon”

1982    Feature article, “The Grand Canyon Delights, Encourages Aiken’s Painting Instincts” appeared in The Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff, AZ, August 25th

1982    Feature presentation, “The American Trail”, Cable TV Distribution


1983    Feature article, The Arizona Republic, January 12th

1983    Feature article, The Phoenix Gazette, January 19th

1983    Outdoor Arizona, “Having a Grand Time at the Canyon”, by Ben Avery, June 30th


1984    Arizona Highways, featured in article “Grand Canyon Trek”, September


1985    Feature article, Art Talk, “The Grand Canyon Artist Who Is and Isn’t”, October

1985    Cover and Feature article, “Aiken’s Reality”, Northern Arizona Life, March/April

1985    Feature article, “Family Feels Lucky Living with Nature”, News/Sun-Sentinental Travel Section, August 11th


1987    Feature article, Southwest Art Magazine, November


1989    Feature story, “Canyon Artist, Bruce Aiken”, Morning Calm, Korean Air Magazine

1989    Featured in National Geographic’s Special Edition “Grand Canyon Country”

1989    Christmas Card, Grand Canyon Natural History Association


1990    Feature program syndicated on Channel One, New York, NY, Education Cable  TV

1990    Painting “Five Days Later” featured in NASA’s Report to Educators Publication

1990    Featured in article on Grand Canyon, “Trek Reveals a Land of Ahs”, The Denver Post, October 21st


1991    Feature article, syndicated by Associated Press, appeared in newspapers nationwide

1991    Cover Artist, Grand Canyon Magazine

1991    Feature article, San Francisco Examiner, by Penni Gladstone

1991    Feature article, “Real Country Living”, Country Magazine

1991    Feature article, People Magazine, “Peace In a Lonely Place”, October 21st

1991    Feature story, Hunterdon Review, Clinton, NJ, October 31st

1991    Mention in article “The Canyon by Shanks’ Mare”, Time Magazine

1991    Featured on “48 Hours with Dan Rather”, CBS Television


1992    Featured on Good Morning America with Joan Lunden, ABC television, November

1992    Feature broadcast on KFYR Radio, Bismarck, North Dakota


1994    Interview on CBS Evening News, Lost Angeles feed

1994    Major story on Grand Canyon air pollution, interview on rim. Arizona Republic


1995    BBC production on Grand Canyon, interview in studio. Dei Tomas, Producer

1995    Feature article of 1991 reprinted in Country Magazine


1996    Rebroadcast and update of “48 Hours with Dan Rather”, CBS Television

1996    Discovery Channel rebroadcast of Disney Channel feature


1997    Rebroadcast and update of “48 Hours with Dan Rather”, CBS Television

1997    Museum of Northern Arizona feature panel, Bruce Aiken and Curt Walters, Grand Canyon artists, broadcast on C-Span


1998    The Majesty of the Grand Canyon, First Glance Books, Joni L. Kinsey

1999    Grand Canyon Stories Then And Now,  Arizona Highways Book Division, Craig Childs

1999    Feature broadcast on PBS TV Networks, “Great Lodges Of The Southwest”


2000    Feature broadcast on A&E TV Networks, Grand Canyon”

2000    Feature article, AZ Style Home Magazine (Arizona Republic), Oct. 1

2000    Feature story, Washington Post, syndicated nationally


2001    Discovery Channel rebroadcast of  A&E Network feature.

2001    History Channel rebroadcast of PBS feature, “Great Lodges of the Southwest”


2002    Feature article “Canyon Views”, Grand Canyon Association


2003    Art review feature, Prescott Courier, Prescott AZ

2003    TV Tokyo, Japan – feature interview from the Grand Canyon


2004    Discovery Channel rebroadcast of A&E feature


2005    Feature story, AP news wire, syndicated internationally. Appeared in newspapers from Hamburg to Seoul and from Johannasburg to Boston.  

2005   Radio interview, NPR , KNAU affiliate, rebroadcast throughout the NPR net.

2005   Feature article, ART TALK Magazine – November issue  


2006   Feature article, cover story – MOUNTAIN LIVING Magazine - January issue

2006   Television interview, “Good Morning Arizona”, Channel 3, Phoenix AZ – May 2

2006   Feature article and cover – FLAG LIVE Magazine, July 

2006   Televison interview, “Arizona Highways Magazine – TV”  carried all over state

2006    Feature article, The Ol’ Pioneer – Grand Canyon Historical Society newsletter   


2007    Featured – Sunset Magazine, April issue

2007   TV interview – “Bay Area Backroads” KRON TV, San Francisco

2007   TV interview -  “The Today Show” NBC, New York

2007   Featured – Sunset Magazine, Oct. issue, “Bruce Aiken’s Grand Canyon – An Intimate Affair”  

2007   Featured – “Flag Live”, cover story.

2007   TV interview – “Good Morning Arizona” Chan. 3, Phoenix

2007   Featured – Denver Post, book review.

2007   Featured – Arizona Republic, interview and book review.

2007   TV interview – KTUA TV, Tucson.

2007   TV interview – KNAZ TV, Flagstaff


2008   Radio interview – KNPR – Las Vegas.

2008   TV interview – KOLD TV, Tucson

2008   Radio interview – KXCI – Tucson.

2008   Book review - Southwest Art Magazine, February issue

2008   Glyph Award – Arizona Book Publishing Association – “Book Of The Year”

2008   National Outdoor Book Award – “Book OF The Year, Artistic Merit and Design”.


2011   Exhibit Catalog – “Full Measure – the Artistic Legacy of Bruce Aiken”

2011    Feature Article – “My Life Magazine”   

2011    Featured: “Spirit Of Arizona’,  by Michel Sarda